AlFareed POS with Customers and Companies Accounts

By | May 30, 2020

Al-Fareed Softwares

POS in MS-Access

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Al-Fareed Inventory Management Software in MS-Access + VBA

This Database can do for you

Signup and make different users.

Add your Business Details with Address.

Add Customers, Products, Products Category and Companies /Suppliers

Sale/Purchase Invoices and Reports

Handle Expiry

Customers/Suppliers Accounts

Export Reports as PDF.

and more…..

To run this Database, we have to make some Entries

  1. Add Business Category (For Companies: Company or Wholesaler)
  2. Add Company
  3. Add Product Category
  4. Add Product
  5. Add Customer

Please make entries according to Serial Wise.

In Add Product:

Bar Code:

Scan Bar-code from Product OR Leave the field blank and click on Generate Barcode Button.

How to use this Database?

Video will be uploaded soon..

Download MS Access Auto Backup Program

MS Access Auto Backup Program

Videos Link 1 to 7


1. Inventory Management Software SignUp Reset Password and Login Session
2. Inventory Management Software Your Detail and Set Paths for Help File and BackUp Session
3. Inventory Management Software Entries Session
4. Inventory Management Software Sales Customers Account and Stock Session
5. Inventory Management Software Sales Reports Session
6. Inventory Management Software Purchases Session
7. Inventory Management Software Purchases Reports and Delete Records Session

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