AIOU BEd 1.5 Years Books Urdu/English

By | December 30, 2019

AIOU BEd 1.5 Years Books Urdu/English

BEd (1.5 Year) Programme

Duration 1.5 Years (3 Semesters)
Total credits 54
Maximum load 18 Credit Hours (Per Semester)
Medium of Instruction English/Urdu
Mode of Delivery Open Distance Learning
Passing Marks   (Assignment/Exam) 50%


The emerging needs and shortage of human development resources mixed with higher qualities of leadership in the field of education at national level demand personnel who have sound professional and academic background in the field of teacher education. This programme provides such academic opportunities to teachers. It aimed at providing education and training facilities to teachers, administrators and master graduates in the country.

Following are the objectives of this programme:

1 To Acquaint the prospective teachers with latest curricula, teaching techniques and methodologies.
2 To Enable teachers to use instructional technology in the classroom.
3 To Enable the prospective teachers to manage classroom environment.
4 To Meet country’s increasing demand for trained personnel.

Eligibility Criteria: 

16 Years of Education (Academic Disciplines Other than Education) MA/MSc/BA (4-year)/ BS (4 years) with minimum second division or equivalent.

 B.Ed 1.5 Years  
SEMESTER-1Download Link
8601General Method of Teaching (Professional)86018601
8602Educational Assessment and Evaluation (Professional)86028602
8603Curriculum Development (Foundation)86038603
8604Research Methods in Education (Professional)86048604
8605Educational Leadership and Management (Professional)86058605
8606Citizenship Education and Community Engagement86068606
8607Teaching Practuice 1 (Professional)86078607
8611Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices (Professional)86118611
Area of Specilization (Course-1)
Area of Specilization (Course-2)
Area of Specilization (Course-3)
Area of Specilization (Course-4)
8608Teaching Practice II (Professional)86088608
8609Philosophy of Education (Foundation)86098609
8610Human Development and Learning (Foundation)86108610
8612Professionalism in Education (Professional)86128612
8613Research Project (Content Embedded)86138613
8614Educational Statistics (Professional)86148614
Specialization Courses:
Area 1: Leadership and Management
8615Management Strategies in Educational Institutions86158615
8616School Administration and Supervision86168616
8617Plan Implementation and Educationalo Management86178617
8618School Leadership86188618
Area 2: Educational Technology and Evaluation
8619Educational Technology86198619
8620Computer in Education86208620
8621Broadcast Media86218621
8622Non Broadcast Media86228622
Area 3: Teacher Education
8623Elementary Education86238623
8624Secondary Education86248624
8625Higher Education86258625
8626Teacher Education in Pakistan86268626
Area 4: Science Education
8627Foundation of Science Education86278627
8628Asesment in Science Education86288628
8629Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety Methods86298629
8638General Science in Schools86388638
Area 5: Inclusive Education
8630Introduction to Inclusive Education86308630
8631Introduction to Special Education86318631
8632Inclusive Education: Adaptions in Curriculum86328632
8633Inclusive Education: Adaptions in Instruction and Evaluation86338633
Area 6: Reading
8634Foundation of Reading86348634
8635Teaching Reading86358635
8636Reading Difficulties86368636
8637Reading Assessment86378637
Note: The department may change offering of Courses as per availability of the Courses.  

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